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All About Me

Hi! My name is Aleksander, but I go by Aleks. Let’s start with the first get-to-know-you question: What’s your favorite color? My favorite color is red since I’m a redhead and I feel like it’s a part of my brand and identity. I live in good old Texas and I learn at Little Elm High School. I’m half Norwegian and I’m very supportive of my family that live in Norway. My favorite hobbies are playing video games, music, and art. I have a soft spot for art since I’m very creative and imaginative, so it’s right up my alley. I love to play in band, especially on my marimba, and I love hanging out with my friends in my group. I also love to play video games and my favorite right now is Rocket League and before it was Mario Kart. My favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-a which I’m obsessed with. My favorite movie is Finding Nemo since I was a little kid, and anytime I watch it, it brings back nostalgia and good memories from my childhood. I hope you enjoy my collage and get to know a little bit more about me!

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