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In this lesson, I learned how to set up and create a new workspace.

Workspace Presets

When Adobe Illustrator is opened, the home page is presented with the workspace options and documents on the left side which are quick access to different types of documents. These three categories include RECENT, which will display any recent files that have been worked on in the program, LIBRARIES, which is access to the creative cloud libraries, and PRESETS, which have new document presets. At the top of the screen, there’s two view icons, changing the display of the layout. Underneath PRESETS, there’s a New button which is access to a new document, and an Open button, which makes it able to browse a system for a particular document.

If the Start Workspace is unnecessary, there’s a gear icon on the right-hand side which, when clicking it, tells if you want to hide the Start Workspace, you can uncheck ‘Show Start Workspace…’ under Preferences > General. It can also be exited by choosing a different here in the workspace switcher.


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