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Drawing Basic Shapes

In today’s lesson, I learned how to draw, create , and customize shapes in Illustrator.

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 10.48.13 AM.png
Rounded Rectangle Tool

On the tool bar which is on the right hand side, locate the rectangle icon. This is the Rectangle Tool and it creates rectangles, and on the flip side, you can toggle the shape by clicking and holding down, revealing the hidden tools.

By selecting the tool and clicking and dragging on the artboard, you will create a rectangle. If you want to draw out the shape from the center instead of the starting point, hold down Options. If you want to make a square, hold down Shift. If you wanna move the shape, hold down the Spacebar.

Another way you can draw a shape is to click on the artboard, popping up a dialog box with height and width measurements.

If you want to customize the shape’s appearance, head to the Control panel either by filling in color or stroke.


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