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Paintbrush Tool

In today’s lesson, I learned the benefits of the Paintbrush Tool and its contrast between the Pencil Tool.

Paintbrush Tool with the stroke

Similar to the Pencil Tool, the Paintbrush Tool behaves the same way when creating paths, however, it has unique and different abilities compared to the Pencil Tool.

To begin, head to the Brush Definition box in the Controls Panel and select a different stroke. Then, using the Paintbrush Tool, notice how it automatically has that stroke applied when creating the path. This isn’t the case for the Pencil Tool since it’s set to the basic stroke first. However, unlike the Pencil Tool, the path isn’t selected right away.

If you double-click on the Paintbrush Tool icon in the Tools Panel, the same box from the Pencil Tool opens up, displaying similar options. One key difference is that Keep Selected isn’t turned on.


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