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Character Panel

Today, I learned how to access, understand its tools, and use the Character Panel effectively.

Character Panel with Show Options

The Character Panel includes character formatting attributes, and can be applied to characters, a paragraph, or even a range of paragraphs.

In order to work with this panel, there’s several different options. If you have the Type Tool equipped, there’s a Character link in the Control Panel, and when clicked, it opens up the Character Panel. Another option is to head to the Window menu, then Type and Character.

This panel includes several different options like font, font size, kerning (distance between characters), and tracking (distance within a body of text). There’s more options if you click in the top right corner of the panel then Show Option, which includes leading (distance between lines of text), vertical scale, bassline shift, and rotation. There’s also modifiers like all or small caps, superscript or subscript, and underline or strikethrough. Furthermore, there’s an anti-aliasing option and a dictionary.

If you want to sample or copy a text, simply create a new text box and highlight the text. Then using the eyedropper tool, hover over the sampled text, click it, and it should copy the font style onto the highlighted text.


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