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Paragraph Panel

In this lesson, I learned about the Paragraph Panel and it’s many different options that edit a block of text.

Indents in paragraphs

The Paragraph Panel is basically working with Paragraphs and using this means you’re going to be working with area text instead of point text.

To access the panel, click on the tab in the Type Panel, or head to Window, then Type and Paragraph.

Inside of the panel there’s alignment (left, right, or center), justification (adjusts last line of text), hyphenation (cuts of words), and indentations. You can also access additional options by going to the top right-hand corner and choosing either Justification or Hyphenation. Another option in that menu is Single-Line Composer or Every-Line Composer, which is how Illustrator evaluates the justification in lines of text.

Indentations works by put space from the paragraph and the text box, moving the text to the right. You can also indent the first line of the text, spacing before and after paragraphs.


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