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Text On An Open and Closed Path

In this lesson, I learned how to create and adjust text on different paths.

Open Path Text
Closed Path Text

To add text on a path, make sure you equip the Type on a Path Tool, then hover over a path and click, allowing you to type.

One cool thing about text on open paths is that you can move the text along the path by clicking and dragging the bar with the Selection Tool enabled. You can also thread the text to a different path and flip it upside down by dragging the text.

To add text to a closed path, create a shape, then with Type on a Path Tool, click on the edge of the shape. This pops up a blinking cursor, indicating that you can type. To control the position of text, click and drag on the bar that sticks out of the shape, moving the text. One key difference of closed paths is that the text has to be either exterior or interior.


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