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Mural Update and DECA Shirt Project: 8/27

From where I last left off, I had filled in the colors and added shadow for the original one in the bottom left corner in the picture below. Then, I reshaped the letters to achieve the same exact thickness and create a smoother transition from each letter. Lastly, I made 3 other artboards with them having the same ANIMATION title and filled them in different colors. The original in the bottom has 2 of Superman’s color, the one in the bottom right is just black and white, the one in the top left replicates the Superman text, and the one in the top right has a pastel color scheme.

Meanwhile, I had just began a new project for DECA and they want a new shirt with their motto, MAXIMIZE YOUR MOMENTUM. With this idea in mind, I created an artboard with the same measurements as a small shirt and going to add a motion blur for the MOMENTUM Text.


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