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Christmas Cards Final: 12/16

Last time, I had just begin to create an outline of my first Christmas card which included a present with a tag on it. Just a reminder of what it previously looked like:

Since then, I’ve began to add more to it and I thoroughly enjoy the final product. All I did was make the mistletoes, make the bow, add text to the tag, and add snowflakes in the background. Here’s the final product:

Lucky enough, I had a good amount of time create 2 more card concepts. First, I had an idea of creating a wintery landscape with mountains and trees with a snowman in the front. Surprisingly, it didn’t take too long so I took time to add snow and a huge text saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Here’s the final product for that:

Lastly, I had previously wanted to make a clipping mask where the text saying MERRY CHRISTMAS formed the shape of a Christmas tree. However, it didn’t exactly turned out how I had it planned, so I ditched that idea and make a more simplistic version. I think it works great being more minimalistic while saying Christmas at the exact same time. Here’s the final product for it:


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