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Mural Update: 2/11

In the last update, it was mentioned that I would be starting by coloring in Mabel’s outline created from the sketch. That’s exactly what I did for this week and then later compared it with Dipper being completed.

For a refresher, here’s Mabel’s outline made from the original sketch I drew of her:

Then I colored her in by using her unique color palette. For consistency sake since she does wear a lot of different sweaters in the show, I decided to use the sweater most recognizable to her which was the shooting star sweater. Here’s what I have so far:

For comparison, here’s a side by side of Dipper and Mabel:

For next week, I will complete coloring in Mabel, do some readjustments especially with Mabel’s hand, and then later draw over them for my practice freedrawing.


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