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Our Social Contract

A social contract is an agreement that the class creates to help build mutual respect. The students create responses that are recorded and then signs the contract to claim that is how they want to be treated and how they will treat others.

  1. How do I want to be treated by you, the teacher?

Personally, I want the teacher to have an understanding and a connection between me. I want the teacher to make me realize my mistakes and correct them, but not humiliate or tease me about it. I also want the teacher to have necessary qualities like kindness, respect, understanding, and motivating for me to be a successful, treated student.

2. How do I think you, the teacher, wants to be treated by me, the student?

I believe I should treat you the way you treat me. I believe that it’s necessary to be respectful back towards the teacher because the teacher was respectful to me. In order to be respectful towards the teacher, I must follow the rules, be productive and on time, have integrity, and put all my effort into this class.

3. How should we treat each other in this classroom?

We should treat each other by “the golden rule” meaning to treat others the way you want to be treated. We should also treat each other fairly and kindly, with good teamwork, and by being helpful. However, we should not bring each other down by judging, harassing, or any other form of bullying.

4. How should we handle problems that come between us?

We should handle situations by talking with one another, listening and giving advice, and ask for help. We should never be afraid to ask anyone for help because we are here to be supportive and motivating. Furthermore, we must be aware of the situation before it becomes bigger.