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Open Path Tools

Today, I learned about different Open Path Tools and their unique, unlimiting functions that change its appearance.

Rectangular Grid Tool skewed

To begin, head to the Line Tool in the Tools Panel, then click and hold to reveal the hidden tools. Then, click the arrow on the right side to create a tearaway where only the icons show in a box, which are Line Segment tool, Arc Tool, Spiral Tool, Rectangular Grid Tool, and Polar Grid Tool.

When working with the Line Segment tool, you can start with an anchor point by clicking, holding down, dragging. Holding down Shift will make the line snap to 45 degree increments. Holding down Spacebar will make it so that the line moves location.

When working with Arc Tool, click, hold and drag to create a starting point. By pressing the F key, you can flip the arc, and by pressing the arrow keys, you can change the radius of the arc.

With the Spiral Tool enabled, you create a spiral, and by holding Command, you can either tighten or loosen the spiral. Much like the Arc Tool, you can change the line length by using the arrow keys.

When working with Rectangular Grid Tool allows to create a grid pattern that has many functions. If you want to change the number of rows and columns, use the arrow keys. By pressing either the F and V key, you can make the top or bottom row bigger than the rest. By pressing either the C and X key, you make the left or right row larger.

The Polar Grid Tool is essentially the circular version of the Rectangular Grid Tool, which allows has many capabilities. Using the up and down arrow keys, you change the number of rings. The left and right arrow keys will change the number of segments in the grid. You also have the skewing options as well.


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