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InDesign: Lesson 6

This lesson of InDesign was all about text and spelling, which I had been taught. Here are all of the many ways that I learned and what panels I used:

To begin, I learned about changing word formats and different words using the Find/Change panel. This panel allows you to type in a work to find and it will change those words to another word of your choice. Using this example, the word bird in the selection was being changed to “blackbird” and this was a much faster way to change words in the text.

In the user dictionary, you can add words to the dictionary that InDesign might see as misspelled. When you add a word to the dictionary, InDesign will then won’t think that the word is misspelled and you can continue through your work faster.

The check spelling panel is pretty much self-explanatory. This panel checks the words in your text and gives suggestions on what InDesign believes might be what you are looking for. I used this panel in this section of the lesson and changed different misspelled words in the given text file. This is very effective when needing to type something very quickly and editing the words faster.

Finally, tracking changes was a new concept that I learned from this lesson. This panel helps you see the layout of your text and allows you to add changes. The changes that are made can be seen here in this panel and the selected content gets highlighted to show you as well. However, this method is just a more in depth way of looking at the text you are working with and adding changes to words and styles.

This is the final product of Lesson 6 of InDesign seen above. I learned different approaches about manipulating text and all of the different panels you can use to adjust your text. Although this wasn’t particularly a hard lesson, it was still very beneficial to my knowledge of InDesign.


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