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InDesign: Lesson 5

Throughout this lesson, I learned how to effectively manipulate text and add changes to it. Here are all of the different concepts I learned about text and what the final product looks like:

In this part of the lesson, I learned how to thread text while using the selection tool. With text threading, you can add text to a text frame and at the bottom there is a red box that shows up. If you click the red box, you can get a loaded text on your cursor, then you can place the extra text into another area. This new text is continuing what was already previously put into the first text box. Learning this technique was very helpful since it sets up the use of different methods for text, which is very crucial to know.

Adding onto text threading, a different way to text thread faster is to autoflow the text. To autoflow text, you hold down the shift key and it preloads the text to your cursor without having to click the red box. This is useful when needed to thread loads of text.

As shown above, this is the final product from this lesson. Besides text threading, I learned how to add headers, body text, indentions, and change the layout of the text by using the paragraph styles panel and text methods. Using different text options was very beneficial and I learned a lot out of this lesson.


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